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Santa Marianita

An enchanted Beach

Geographic location:

Santa Marianita is one of the gorgeous beaches of Manta City. Manta is located on a splendid deep water Bay, is the most important financial and economical district of Manabi province and one of the tops in the country.
Among the several beaches located in Manta, Santa Marianita not only known by its beauty is also the most important area to learn and practice Kitesurf.



Santa Marianita (Manabi – Ecuador)

From Manta city there are two ways to get to our school:
First option, Public transportation: You can take a cab from the main bus station for around $10 per cab and from the airport around $15 per cab. There are also white pickups leaving every 30 minutes from Manta Central Market for $1 a person.

Second option, own vehicle: Take the Spondylus Route (E15) towards San Mateo and then towards Santa Marianita, from the city center (Murcielago Beach) you will need to drive 15km.

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(Manabi – Ecuador)



South from Manta city, few kilometers from San Mateo, Santa Marianita is a small fisherman village. Surrounded of different landscapes it has a 4km beach with perfect weather and geographic conditions to relax and chill and to learn and practice Kitesurf.
The ideal and most convenient months to practice and learn kitesurf are from end of May till end of December, the rest of the year is ideal to practice and learn paddle board or surf.
Lovely, smooth and warm, temperature during the year may vary between 22 and 34 degrees.

Fauna Around the area you could easily spot sea turtles, albatroz, seagulls, crabs and from end of July until October humpback whales.


Here some relevant information prior your trip:

Here some relevant information prior your trip:

• Closest airport: Eloy Alfaro International Airport (MEC), located 25 minutes from our hotel.
• Taxi´s price: from the airport to the hotel average $15 per car.
• Best time for Kitesurf: May until the end of December.
• Kite average size: 11m for male and 8m for female.
• Wind direction: lateral/side way to the land.
• Night Life: area is mostly quiet with a chill and relax environment. Driving distance to party/clubs areas.
• Local Tourism: we gladly can help you to organize daily tours to the nearby pointd of interest.



We have our own Kitesurf, Paddle board and surf school, with the best certified instructors in the area plus during our lessons we will provide you with all the necessary gear.
Learning Kite Surf with Ecuador Kitesurf is a life changing experience! Kitesurfing is a mix of flying, jumping, riding and adrenaline blending with wind, the sky, the sea! Its adventure at its very best and how is meant to be with pure and great nature around!
With Ecuador Kitesurf the learning adventure is a simple and easy as it would ever be! Come and check our beach in Santa Marianita, Manabi – Ecuador! The very best place in our country to enjoy, learn and practice Kitesurf!